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Thank you for asking. The proofing basket cannot be used to bake bread as it is only meant to let the dough proof and can never go into the oven


Thank you for asking. Place the stencil on the dough before baking, dust the image with rice flour, brown or white. The image will be on the bread when it comes out of the oven, as the rice flour does not change color. Be careful to allow the rice flour dusting to be in the image (stencil pattern) only or it will be overspray. You can use smell tea screen for dispersing the rice flour

Try to use a mixture of rice flour, at least 50% to wheat. After each bake I leave the banneton in the switched off oven to thoroughly dry out and tap out any excess flour before storing

The rattan is from Indonesia

You can use the banneton with or without the liner. It’s easier to dust the liner than the banneton but you won’t get the beautiful pattern on your bread